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Influx Artificial Traffic Data is a leading offshore Traffic and Data Services Company based in Bangalore India. Our Traffic Survey & Transportation Data Analysis services spread across the globe delivering Accurate Traffic Data. Being an offshore Traffic Data Analysis Company, we apply industry’s most advanced techniques for processing Traffic Video besides offering a customized and cost-effective solutions that’s best suits to individual client’s requirements.

We are an offshore preferred partner for Traffic Video Reduction Services for Transportation Data Collection Companies, Transport Planners, Consultants, Councils and other Transportation Authorities worldwide! Influx Artificial Traffic Data brings in diversified expertise and adopt latest technologies for Traffic Video Processing to ensure Quality Traffic Counts are achieved!

Influx Artificial Traffic Data spectrum of Traffic and Data Services includes:

Vehicle Flow Surveys: Vehicle flow counts at junction and intersection surveys with classification of vehicle by type.

Origin-Destination Surveys: Turning movement data on the origin-destination of vehicles, pedestrians and bi-cycles.

Parking Surveys: On and off-street parking demand and occupancy surveys which provides a detailed understanding of parking users.

Public Transport Surveys: Passenger counts, station surveys, revenue surveys, user intercept surveys for metro, rail, tram, bus and subway transport.

. Pedestrians & Pedal Bikes Surveys: Short or long term user surveys of pedestrians, bi-cyclists and other non-motorized modes of transport in a given region.

Vehicle Speed Surveys: Long and short-term monitoring of vehicle speeds, journey times besides delays, covering public transport, cars, pick-ups, vans and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

Intersection Counts: –

Our experienced team can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a complex multiple camera roundabout or Big Gyratory with any number of vehicle Classification. We are specialized in 100% Lane-by-Lane Vehicle tracking on Large roundabouts.

Roundabout Counts: –

We have expertise in processing Roundabout counts with large volumes of data across global locations. All classification of vehicle movements passing through the Roundabout are captured. We process the total turning movement volume (TMV) of a roundabout with details of entry and exit and movement inside the roundabout for each leg. Our team is expert in analysing 3-Arms, 4-Arms, 5-Arms roundabout videos. We are also tracking vehicles movement in roundabout using multiple cameras. Traditionally, vehicles are tracked from entering the roundabout through circulation until they exit.

Pedestrian Counts: –

We process Pedestrian Counts for every turning movement at a specific location. The locations can be a sidewalk, street corner, intersecting paths in a park, retail store entrance. Our team is able to process pedestrian’s crosswalk movement along with vehicle classifications at any junctions. Pedestrian count data helps the transport department to plan for footbridge near complex junction to avoid the vehicle traffic disturbance.

Bicycle Counts: –

We process Bicycle Counts for every turning movement at a specific location. The locations can be a road, street, parks, etc… Collecting more data can help us demand more funding and better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Data is also helpful to increase usage and reductions in collisions when compared to past collision data.

Road Volume Counts: –

It is important to know the traffic volume and different vehicle classes’ composition in any roadway for strategic planning, improvements and maintenance. It also identifies the Average Daily Traffic, Peak Hour Traffic and its composition. We use manual, video and ATCCs (pneumatic tubes, IR, radars) to survey the roadway volume and classification.

Parking Surveys: –

We have expertise in processing parking surveys on Streets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Parking lots etc. We can supply the total in/Out of the parking, Individual parking bay information and parking duration. The relevant information on Parking whether on-street or in off-street provides clear understanding of how parking is used. Our parking surveys allow decisions to be made on suggested changes to the current parking regime.

Punctuality Surveys: –

We provide arrival and departure time and duration of stay with registration number for Rail, Bus or any public transport services. Also produce report on passenger movement (entry/exit) in to the vehicles at given locations. We process detailed report on passengers entering and exiting a Bus stand or a Railway station at any given time. We also provide the queue at the ticketing offices. The punctuality surveys identify the travel pattern and from where they originate and finish their journey.

Queue Length Surveys: –

We can supply different queues depending upon the client’s requirement. This includes maximum queue & minimum queue in any interval, Average queue length, Queue at the start of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back form one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple cameras.

Traffic Violations: –

This is an unusual study that we carry out for some our clients where we monitor and report the conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians etc. This study is normally carried out at busy touristy areas.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR):-

We provide Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) information with detailed report on vehicle numbers. ANPR is the advanced technology to track each and every vehicle crossing through a lane. For number plate recognition, High-definition cameras are used for extracting the digital number manually or automatically.

Influx Artificial Traffic Data is the most professionally and technologically advanced Traffic Survey Company in Bangalore India. We offer Traffic Data Counting Services. Our Accurate Traffic Data Extraction Services offer detailed and user-friendly reports to Traffic and Transportation Planning Authorities. We serve Government Institutions as well as private firms.

Our Video Analysts team has deep expertise in Traffic Surveys and Transport Data Analysis. Learning is never ending, which is why entire team gets trained on new methodologies for processing video counts and ensure we are up-to date in this fast growing Traffic and Transportation Data Analysis market segment.

Accurate Traffic Data: We respect data!
Fastest Turnaround Time: We master time!
Cheapest Prices: We assure competitive prices!

Our spectrum of Traffic Data from Video services includes:

. Dwell Surveys,
. Bi-cycle Counts,
. Pedestrian Counts,
. Servicing Activities,
. Road Volume Counts,
. Punctuality Surveys,
. Vehicle Gap Studies,
. Fuel Station Surveys,
. Link Classified Counts,
. Queue Length Surveys,
. Traffic Violation Surveys,
. Registration Plate Surveys,
. Origin-Destination Surveys,
. Parking Occupancy Surveys,
. Classified Pedestrian Counts,
. FHWA Vehicle Classification Counts,
. Pedestrian Turning Movement Counts,
. Pedal bikes Turning Movement Counts,
. Intersection Turning Movement Counts,
. Roundabout Turning Movement Counts,
. Customized Vehicle Classification Counts,

Each project of our Traffic Data Services strictly adheres to quality procedures in place! Every stage we have a clear policy defined to ensure all video analysts understood project requirements thoroughly to ensure 98% accurate Traffic Data from Video is delivered to client. For all your Traffic Data Counting needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let us collaborate and meet Traffic and Transportation Planning demands for Smart Cities & Connected Cars!

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