Quality & Privacy

Influx Security Management Workflow

INFLUX ARTIFICIAL TRAFFIC DATA always follow standard company privacy policy’s as well as individual client specific policy. Below are Influx committed to all the clients from our data privacy model and security of client information.

  • Training:

➢ Influx artificial traffic data will provide training to all our employees about new client policy and security agreements as well as any update on our own policy and privacy’s

  • Data Processing and Clarifications:

➢ Client will submit the work order to Influx artificial traffic data

➢ Once received the data from client, Our Data manager will download the data into Influx machines.

➢ Managers will review the Data footage and get back to the client if any clarifications required.

➢ Managers will divide the data as per team size and will send it to the leads and respective employees.

➢ Team members and leads will work together finish the job as per the time line and submit the reports back to the Data managers.

  • Quality Check

➢ Data Managers will review the same reports and submit back to team if managers identify any discrepancy and quality compromise on the reports.

➢ Once Data manager review done, Managers will submit reports to Off shore and Onside Influx directors.

➢ Any one of Influx director will review the reports and get back to the client with quality report.

  • Data Privacy, Security and Policies

➢ Client accepted the report quality and Data managers will start follow up the team leads to delete the any of the previous jobs data from all Influx machines.

Please See below flowchart for our complete policy and process diagram