Influx Traffic Data is a traffic data survey company. This company provides traffic data counting services in a professional and technologically advanced manner. Bangalore, India is home to our headquarters. We have the capacity to do any traffic data counting work for any client from any country in the world. Most of our clients are currently from the Middle East, England, Ireland, Malta, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, the USA & UAE regions. We have been contacted by many people from all around the globe.

We highly appreciate the contribution of traffic data counting to the Traffic and Transport Planning industry and are therefore committed to delivering very detailed data and yet user-friendly reports to our clients from any part of the world. Our clients come from different categories like government institutions, private institutions, and non-government organizations. We are sensitive to the challenges and issues associated with each client. We, therefore, make sure that the deliverables required by each client are well understood so that appropriate data is presented to the client.

We have a team of 32 young dedicated professionals with over 9+ years of experience in traffic surveys and transport data analysis. Each of them has worked with various organizations both as individuals and together as a team with other professionals from various countries. Our staff members receive continuous training and are always thinking of innovative ways of further advancing current data counting technologies. Because of our highly skilled personnel and advanced technology, we can also offer very competitive rates and long-term benefits on the market. Please contact us, and we shall share our rates with you and will provide trial counts to showcase our quality.

Our innovations help us deliver highly accurate, timely, and user-friendly traffic data counts. We currently specialize in Turning Movement Counts, Link Counts, Origin-Destination Counts, Queue Length Analysis, Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts, Parking Studies, Registration Plate surveys, and Opinion and Preference Surveys. However, we may also be able to do some tasks that have not been mentioned here.

We have analysed over 1,00,000 hours of video footage, and we have achieved over 98% accuracy in our work. All the clients we have worked with are very happy with our work.

We have an internal process that ensures that data from any location, of any type, classification format and condition is checked and well-analysed. This is done at various levels in order to ensure accuracy, quality, safety, and timely delivery. Our process is very precise and yet very effective. You will have instant access to all essential information regarding your survey using interactive Excel spreadsheets and outputs.

Partner with us, and you will receive the most innovative traffic data counting solutions. Contact us through our contact section and our very responsive team of experts will liaise with you on how we can handle your project. INFLUX TRAFFIC DATA is here to meet your traffic data needs.

Together we can meet the traffic and transport planning needs of people, be it in a metropolis or a small-town neighbourhood.

Vehicle flow counts at junction and intersection surveys with classification of vehicle by type.

Turning movement data on the origin-destination of vehicles, pedestrians and bi-cycles.

On and off-street parking demand and occupancy surveys which provide a detailed understanding of parking users.

Passenger counts, station surveys, revenue surveys, user intercept surveys for metro, rail, tram, bus and subway transport.

Short or long term user surveys of pedestrians, bi-cyclists and other non-motorized modes of transport in a given region.

Long and short-term monitoring of vehicle speeds, journey times besides delays, covering public transport, cars, pick-ups, vans and HGVs