When the demand exceeds available capacity, queue length studies play crucial role. Influx Traffic data process videos and turn into accurate lane wise queue length data that helps to minimize the risk of blockage! In general, we consider rolling queues (vehicles with walking speed) as well. We offer queue length studies for priority junctions, signalized intersections, non-signalized intersections, signalized roundabouts, non-signalized roundabouts, RIROs (Right In, Right Out), links / mid-blocks / road sections. Team Influx Traffic data is familiar with snap/spot queue data, minimum queue data, maximum queue data either in 1 min or 5 min or 15 min bins. We do offer signalized queues (Red light ON phase / Green light ON phase) with signal timestamps recorded! Again, our skilled analysts can extract desired queue length data from multiple cameras without glitches! We do offer illegal queues data as well – if required!