Large/medium Roundabout Counts| ROUNDABOUTS:

Influx Traffic Data process videos for roundabouts and turn into accurate traffic data. Let the roundabout be signalized or non-signalized, let the recording be from a normal single cam or multiple Cam, let the roundabout has 3 arms, 4 arms, 5 arms or 6 arms, let the roundabout be regular or a staggered, let the classifications be just totals (volume only counts) or FHWA 13 vehicle classifications or customized vehicle classes, let the requirement be with crosswalk or without crosswalk data, let the survey duration be an  hour or a day or a week, just upload videos and download accurate Roundabout Turning Movement Counts Data in 3 business days! Team Influx Traffic data is capable of processing roundabouts filmed with multiple cameras. Yes, we do provide TMC data by tracking vehicles from multiple cameras! It’s hard, but hard is not impossible!